my favorite is ratatat to get me motivated for this stuff. 


when you were thirteen on the oldies station.

that you don't believe we're on the eve

This is my friend Jake's blanket that he loves. It reminds me of upsetting things in a really funny way. Especially that ram on the left.


old stuff

I used to go to this liquor store in oakland and these cousins ran the place. This first one of Askar--he always sat on this mini-fridge and you never noticed him when you came in. He was quiet as a cat. Then Ali would always ring me up and be humming these songs but he never said anything usually. I think they said they were from Yemen originally.

Askar, 2007

Ali, 2007


Untitled Abstract thing in the Ocean, 2008. Oil and Acrylic.

I was just wasting time on best of craigslist and I came across this essay that was really funny and sad.

RAVE: My Life Since Getting Out of Prison

plus, it includes a picture of this guys dog that totally makes me laugh. What a cutie fug. Reminds me of my goldie.

I just love the way this guy writes. Just real genuine.



Collaboration with Matt Momchilov (2008)


Drainage ditch. May 2008

Driving through Gilroy,CA (the Garlic Capital) I see a lot of tract housing on the side of the 101. These communities really baffle me. They aren't really viable for a future without reliance on long commutes to San Jose or where ever. It's also an interesting contrast between this culture that relies on commuting and the surrounding agricultural economy.

Hoover Dam painting. maybe cut the bottom third off--gets a little drippy. I just love the shape of the clogged up Colorado river.


This is the oldest of what I've got for you. It's based on the Tuscan landscape from when i was in Italy (near Pienza) last summer. I haven't made anything in this style since but I was pretty into it for a minute. It reminds me of feathers.

The Point is Amusement

Hey Kiddos!

Blog is basically going to be a place for my art and news about other peoples work plus a good dose of culturally related random informations.

About me--I am a painting student at CCA (California College of the Arts)--so I paint, and I also make stuffed animals, clothing, linear fiber sculpture (knit/crochet).

I've been doing much landscape and abstract, but suddenly I have the desire to make people again. That will happen after a year of lanbstract. So I will be showing you all my paintings and scanning in some drawings as well. Enjoy and please post comments and critique!