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Hi Friends,

I've been working on my new series about my friends in Redding (#1 pictured in previous). I am really excited to see them this hot hot summer. Lake Whiskeytown, Barbeques, Mount Shasta, Heck yes.

About to get down in the studio. Challenges are so refreshing. This weather is making me such a hanger outer and in the upcoming weeks I am going to be seeing the sunrise in the studio garden instead of on rooftops and porches. It's one of the most fulfilling experiences to sit out by the poppies and foxgloves completely sleep deprived and seeing the blending of colors under my eyelids. Soul-time.

And actual news: I will be in two group shows at the beginning of July!

One is at 4707 telegraph opening on Friday the 2nd. It is being curated by Justin Olerud and Kara Joslyn at their studio/gallery. The theme is LOVE!

Also I'm in the WE Artspace Anniversary Show on the 4th of July. Theme is paint by numbers and check out the band line up! It's going to be a such a celebration. Here's flyer for that:

I will be making my famous curry hummus and maybe attempting a pie but I'm a terrible baker so you should come to my house and show me how it's done. I got a good family crust recipe!

This summer is getting serious.





This is the painting I have in the covers show! I really hope you all can all make it tonight!

I am so excited. This is a completely new direction for me. I plan on completing a series in this style very soon. Post more soon! OXOXO



CHECK CHECK CHECK IT OUT NAHW (well this Friday, then in 12 days on a Tuesday)

I am so excited to be a part of Oakland's Art Murmur this Friday! Tomorrow! I am amped! At this sweet gallery venue called ABCO in West Oakland. Walls flanked with it: paintings, installations; performance art and live music! Nayeli Nava is the gracious curator who made this all happen and her being alone inspires me! I've made something especially different than what I normally do for this show (still a painting, but hold onto your hats) and it's really put my studio practice into full gear. So exciting to start something new!


I will be showing in the city soon; curated by Olivia Bagdade, a fascinating lady whom I happened to meet over coffee a few weeks ago.

Friday, brown bag yer wine in West Oakland and rock out. Tuesday May 18th, come to the mission in your high heel shoes and your low neck sweater.

It's the year of the Tiger!


Hi All, 

Thought I'd do a follow up on a previous post I'd written about the photographer Ryan McGinley. I'm a big fan of his work. He's got a new show up at Team Gallery in New York with the fitting title Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere. His previous work focused on American youth within the American landscape. This time, however he has taken a series of black and whites in his studio in New York. Apparently still fascinated with youthful beauties, the pictures focus more on the individual instead of the environmental interaction. 

I find them delightful and if you happen to be in New York tonight go to the opening and tell me all about it. I mean, who doesn't like looking at naked hotties. 

2010, gelatin silver print, 18 x 12 inches,  edition of three




farmers market

Hey everyone!

I know, I know it's been months. It's been a wild summer and many beautiful events and actions have taken place. There were ups and downs and ups again. 

I've been traveling a lot. I went across the country and it was musical and scenic. If Utah were next to the ocean we'd all live there immediately. 

I've been in the studio a lot. I have some really talented studio mates and a great job these days. 

Yesterday I went to the Temescal farmers market which is always relaxing and inspiring way to start the day. For the best tofu in the world, giant bags of spring mix speckled with calendula petals, unwaxed organic apples. children, tamales, persimmons, the best new orleans style iced coffee. Indulge city. 

There is also a very wonderful poet with a typewriter who will write poems for you and share some good energy. His name is Zach Houston. I recommend. He's at the ferry building on saturdays and the market on sunday and probably many other places. rides a bike and shares words. 

Also my studio mates have websites: 

Sean (not sure what sean's website is. here is one of his pieces at maniac though) 

I will have some more pictures up soon. 
Here are a few pictures from the summer:


some pictures and collages

these are all from video footage. most of them were taken from car windows on my way around northern california and oregon.