Hi Friends,

I've been working on my new series about my friends in Redding (#1 pictured in previous). I am really excited to see them this hot hot summer. Lake Whiskeytown, Barbeques, Mount Shasta, Heck yes.

About to get down in the studio. Challenges are so refreshing. This weather is making me such a hanger outer and in the upcoming weeks I am going to be seeing the sunrise in the studio garden instead of on rooftops and porches. It's one of the most fulfilling experiences to sit out by the poppies and foxgloves completely sleep deprived and seeing the blending of colors under my eyelids. Soul-time.

And actual news: I will be in two group shows at the beginning of July!

One is at 4707 telegraph opening on Friday the 2nd. It is being curated by Justin Olerud and Kara Joslyn at their studio/gallery. The theme is LOVE!

Also I'm in the WE Artspace Anniversary Show on the 4th of July. Theme is paint by numbers and check out the band line up! It's going to be a such a celebration. Here's flyer for that:

I will be making my famous curry hummus and maybe attempting a pie but I'm a terrible baker so you should come to my house and show me how it's done. I got a good family crust recipe!

This summer is getting serious.



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